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Emusing Secrets Testimonial
Emusing Secrets Testimonial Page

Recent Testimonials -

I have been suffering from osteoarthritis in my thumb joint, tendinitis in my wrist and carpal tunnel... lots of aches and pains in both hands and wrists. I am very skeptical of lotions and potions, but out of desperation decided to try a small bottle of your Pain Lotion. I was pleasantly surprised when after applying a small amount my pain was drastically diminished. I literally let out a sigh of relief. It is amazing! I just put in an order for more along with a few of your other products I would like to try. Thanks so much!
Pat - Michigan

My son had severe male pattern baldness at the age of 21. It totally devastated his self-esteem but he did not want to take prescription drugs our family physician prescribed. In a last ditch effort, I ordered Rudy's Shampoo, Conditioner & Treatment. He was hesitant to use it, I think we was afraid he'd be disappointed again. Low and behold, after the first week, he got "fuzz" where slick skin used to be. We held our breath and he continued to use the products. My sister is the hair stylist that cuts his hair, she called me to tell me how amazed she was, he was growing baby-fine hair where none had been before. At his next appointment, two other stylists commented to my sister on the reappearance of his hair! They all began asking what he was doing! Needless to say, we are thrilled with the results. While the new hair growth is fine, it is a major improvement. I could not be more pleased, my son got his confidence back! Thank you so much!
TC - Illinois

I received your Emu/Jojoba shampoo and conditioner and your hairspray in the mail yesterday. First, I want to say that I a very happy with your expidited processing and shipping. Next, I want to say that if I continue to see the results I had after my first use this morning, then I will be back for more. My hair did exactly what I wanted it to do this morning and my hair was very shiny. I was particularly pleased with the hairspray. I have very fine hair that is hard to hold and have tried everything to get it to stay in place. To my surprise, your hairspray did the job with very little product used. Thank you for the wonderful products. I hope that I continue to have such wonderful results.
Dorothy - Virginia

Dear Sir, I would like to thank you and compliment you for your EXCELLENT natural emu oil and jojoba oil shampoo! For years now my hair has been getting progressively thinner even though I used to get compliments on the thickness of my hair. In distress, I searched the internet to find a solution.Thanks to your site and others, I found out that I had a major sebum build-up on my scalp that of course regular shampoos can do nothing for. Your shampoo is incredible for removing that nasty, pasty, hair choking sebum! With just one washing I no longer can scratch off that aforementioned nasty sebum! With one washing, the difference is like night and day. I am confident that with regular use, the sebum problem causing my hair loss will stop, and my hair will be able to grow in as thick as it used to be! Also, the fact that Emu oil is a natural DHT blocker makes your shampoo even better.
Thank-you for making such a great product.
Sincerely, Kurt D. - Colorado

After suffering for a year with ulcers (as a result of chemotherapy) on the bottoms and sides of my feet, I contacted a rep at our local health food store. Without hesitation he recommended EMU oil. In less than 3 days I began to see improvement. I've easily spent $500 on other products and only $30 on EMU oil. Amazing! The first product that worked! It is now the 5th day and the ulcers have nearly disappeared.
Kim - Wisconsin

Greetings, I'd just like to let you know my hair's improved so much, although it's not completely recovered. I've also notice that it seems to have grown faster than in the past after using your products. I'm so happy and just wanted you to know the same.
Angela N. - Japan

Just wanted to tell you that "emu oil" has been a Godsend to me. I have sent you many customers in the last few months, and they all love it too. Thanks for your wonderful product.
Karen B. - California

I recently ordered your Emu Anti Aging Cream. After using it only 3 days the mole on the side of my nose was practically gone. I have been embarrassed by this mole for over 2 years and now it is no longer an eyesore. As a matter of fact it is still shrinking as I use your product everyday. My skin is looking better then ever and I'm so happy I purchased your product.
Victoria I. - Florida

Thank you , I received your product yesterday. I love it.
I had to tell you .. I asked you one email not too long ago if it would work on warts - the emu oil. Well guess what I have been trying to get rid of three planter warts on my foot for 3 - 4 years. They are GONE! LOL with no pain either - simply put on the emu oil everynight and that's it.
Thank you again for your product.
Myrna - Canada

I decided to write to you again, this time about another product I purchased. I ordered the Emu and Jojoba oil shampoo and conditioner. After just 2 shampoos my hair was shinier and softer then ever before, and very little hair loss when I ran my comb thru it. I had chemo damaged hair and your product has worked wonders. I e mailed your web site to my co workers because they were asking me about my hair and skin. One co worker went on line immediately and ordered the same 3items I have been using. Another co worker is making her list and is thrilled to have found out where my new products were purchased. I recommend your site to all my friends and I especially let them know how quickly my items arrived . I will no longer have to shop around for shampoo and conditioner, I have found the best and I have you to thank.
To all who read this, trust me, these are great products and deliver what they promise.
Victoria I. - Florida

I used Emu Oil for eczema. I received this valuable gift from a friend who raises Emu's and everytime I have an outbreak I use just a little for a short period of time and poof it's gone!! I have had to use so little from my bottle that it looks like I have used NONE!!
Melanie G. - Canada

Yes emu oil has helped a great deal my daughter who is now 15 months had a really bad skin rash at 3 months she was to young for cortisone or any other medication. For that reason I asked the doctor if I could use emu oil she said it sure can't hurt since its a food base product. Well after about a week she was totally clear no more rash and the doctor was amazed.
Jackson T. - West Virginia

The first experience!I have never got such a experience after use conditioner (Rudy's Natural Emu Oil& JOjoba Oil Conditioner) and Moist in Shampoo. I really love these. Very gracefully and this special feeling continue for a long time. I gave my friends. All of them became fan of Emusing.
Yurie G. - Tokyo, Japan

I have to admit I was skeptical at first. But after trying all those expensive department store rejuvenating and lifting creams I decided to try emusing Secrets Anti-Aging product. And I must say WOW. Not only did it surpass my expectations by a long shot, the results are amazing! I have used those expensive name brand creams and while I saw some improvements after a lenghty time, after only one week with Emusing Secrets, my deep lines around my nose and the sagging jowls have disappeared. I am not lying.. Buy this product, save yourself all the useless need of buying all those fancy products that don't work! This one does... I'm a believer and will continue to buy this product. I'm excited to start buying all the other products like the shampoo etc.
I have done a lot of research and even Oprah talks about the benefits of emu oil.
Jewel - Calgary, Canada

I am a 52 year old black female and have just received my third order of pure emu oil from you. I had been seeing a dermatologist for the last 2 1/2 years. I have had several skin peels and several microdermabrasion treatments, finally discussing plastic surgery. I had also been using a bleaching cream for discoloration, in the affected area. In my quest to find anything that had enough moisture to supercede olive oil, bag balm, Origins and other highly moisturized products that stayed on and in the skin, I discovered emu oil. Since May, 2005 my face has healed, return to normal color and eliminated the acne. My co-worker has sit next to me and seen the daily repair. I began mixing the oil with my highly moistured lotions, but alone on the face. My hands have very, very thin skin. They looked old and used up. The emu oil and lotion are repairing my hands. Its true the omega fats do make thin skin look more thick. I am really ready to tell the world.

I ordered your Hair rejuvantor, and emu and joba-joba oil conditioner about 1 month ago. Since using I have been able to tell a huge change in the health of my hair, and I hardly ever see hair falling out of my scalp anymore like I used too. This is encouraging that I am not losing hair anymore.
J - Tennessee

I have recently started to use Emul Oil on my dog. She was having a difficult time getting around due to arthritis. I deceided to try Emu on her hips and shoulders, and her legs. Within a day she was walking better and enjoys walks again. The swelling in her shoulders has gone away. I took her to the vet for her check up and the vet noticed she was walking better and asked if I was giving her joint formula,I told him no because it makes her sick. I told my vet about the Emu Oil and he gave it a thumbs up and says if it works go ahead. She knows the bottle when I pick it up and lays down for me to put it on her. I even give her a little on her food. With out Emu Oil we would have been looking at putting her down because she was in pain. She is running around like a puppy again, and I owe it to Emu Oil.
Theresa H. - Michigan

I have just started using your emu products and I tell everyone how great they are. I have had so many compliments on my skin. I just add a drop of pure emu oil to my night time face cream. I also rub a drop on my neck. My skin has a healthy glow! I also have always had very rough and cracked heels. Just few drops of your emu oil on my feet every night and WOW! However the most amazing products are Rudy's hair rejuvenator kit. My hair which had been thinning and was very dry is now soft and healthy looking. The hair loss has begun to slow down. The hair spray is the best I have ever used. I will continue to spread the word about your great products! Lastly our dog has suffered from allergies and has very itchy dry skin. Guess what? A few drops of emu oil every day or so and he no longer needs his allergy medication.
Rebecca H. - Florida

I love your products! When I first tried the Pain Lotion, I had a painful lump on the top of my right foot just above my toes. In just a few days of applying the pain lotion nightly, the swelling decreased and pain became only tenderness which felt like it was in the joints and bones of my foot. Continued use for several weeks resulted in total relief of pain, tenderness and swelling. Now for any sore, achy spots, I use your Pain Lotion and the discomfort is gone in 24 hours. Thank you for such a wonderful product.
Your Emu Oil also saved my skin when I had a severe breakout rash from poison ivy this past summer.
Barbara V. - Michigan

I went to the doctor and was told I had bursitis in my left knee. I told him I would forgo the cortizone shots and try the emu oil for a week. IT WORKED! Now I use it when the pain starts in my back and it helps ease the discomfort. What a wonderful product!
Glenda W. - Texas

You are absolutely correct about the anti aging cream and moisturizing cream. I like them both better than the Clinque I used to buy. I had to quit buying the Clinique about 1.5 years ago - just couldn't afford it. After I started getting your products, I used the emu oil straight.
But I like both creams the best.
Mary S. - Michigan

I had read something somewhere about how good emu oil was for skin problems.I was not sure where to find it. I had some psoriasis or eczema on my elbow for years (which I had tried everything to get it to go away). On my trip to Frankenmuth, MI my sister & I walked thru a farmer's market and there is where I found emu oil. That was August and it is now October and I no longer have any psoriasis or exzema. I used it twice a day for about six weeks then I went to once a day. It is wonderful stuff. I never went to a doctor for it. Use emu oil and you will never have to see the doctor.
Sharon D. - Ohio

Your emu oil is wonderful! I have super sensitive skin that has a tendency to develop rosacea.Your emu oil calmed down the redness and irritation. It also gives my skin a natural glow.
Sharon M. - Tennessee

I purchased your product from the Frankenmuth Farmers Market last summer. My husband and I love your oil!! It's done wonders for our skin. Consider us regular customers from now on.
Barbara B. - Michigan

I started using the vitamins (Gelcaps), shampoo and conditioner(Rudy's Emu Oil & Jojoba) about 1 ½ months ago. The results are phenomenal. I usually do not write reviews, but this product is so awesome I wanted to share what I found. My hair has come back to life and the shininess is overwhelming. I use to use all different kinds of expensive products on my hair to get shine and controllability, as well as volume. Since I have started using the shampoo and conditioner I have not needed to use another product, not even hair spray. It was thinning and very unhealthy. The hair loss is very minimal now and the volume is as if my hair has thickened. I will also add that my head itched and was getting increasing worse until I starting using Emu products, that now has minimized greatly.
I had so many problems with my fingernails as they were thin, tearing, and ripping. They are now strong and growing at a fast pace. My skin has always been extremely dry but that too is resolving.
Rudy Rudell explained what the vitamins (Gelcaps) would do regarding lowering cholesterol. I am awaiting another blood draw to see the results of that.
What a perfectly awesome product. Hopefully others will use this product, but also the price can stay competitive so all can afford it with today’s economy, as it is well worth purchasing……
Carol M. - Michigan

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