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Gel Caps
Emusing Secrets Emu Oil Gel Caps
   A natural dietary supplement that may help support the lowering of cholesterol levels and balance excess quantities of saturated fats in most diets. Contains triglycerides that provide a balanced source of the essential fatty acids Linolenic acid (Omega 3) and Linoleic acid (Omega 6). These essential fatty acids contribute to heart and vascular health and must be obtained from the diet. The body cannot make these nutrients, which are vital to a healthy body.
750 mg/90 ct. -  $20.95 each    

Emusing Secrets Lip Balm
   Emusing Secrets all natural, petroleum free lip balm is a soothing emu oil blend that softens and replenishes moisture to dry, parched, or chapped lips.
Perfect for all seasons and all climates.
Available in Cherry, Tea Tree, Vanilla, Tropical Punch and Tangerine Flavors.
.15 oz. -  $1.95 each    

Foot Lotion
Emusing Secrets Foot Lotion
   Emusing Secrets Foot Lotion soothes your feet with the benefits of Emu oil, Cool Mint and Lemon. Feet are subject to a lot of stress from many sources such as standing for long periods, ill fitted shoes, jogging or running and many others. Energize and refresh your tired feet with our Cool Mint and Lemon Foot Lotion. Formulated with lemon and mint extract to help neutralize foot odor while cooling tired feet. Also helps soften your cracked heels and calluses. Invigorates your feet and senses. Gentle enough to be used daily to maintain soft, healthy looking feet.
4 oz. -  $8.50 each    

Emusing Secrets Fungispor
   Use Emusing Secrets Fungispor for soothing the painful and embarrassing symptom of fungus of the nails. Also use Fungispor to help support the relief of other fungus related conditions including unpleasant foot odors.

1/2 oz. -  $6.50 each   -  1 oz $11.95 each    Bugs Away

Emusing Secrets Bugs Away Natural Bug Repellent
   Unlike chemical-filled bug sprays, Bugs Away has a pleasant scent and goes on as a light mist. Best of all, it's safe enough to use on children. A better solution, that's safe and gentle... Safe to use on both exposed skin and clothing, as well as in the air. Comes in a convenient 4 oz spray bottle.
  • All-natural
  • DEET-free
  • Pleasant scent
    4 oz. -  $7.25 each    

    Sampler Pack
    Not sure which product to order?
      The Emusing Secrets Sampler Pack contains some of our best selling emu oil products, in smaller packages. It's a low cost way to try a few of the different products that we offer. It also makes a great gift. The sampler pack contains one each of these emu oil products - 1/4 oz Pure Emu Oil, 1/4 oz Pain Lotion, 1 oz. Foot Lotion, 1 oz Hand & Body Lotion, 1 oz Shampoo, 1 oz Hair Conditioner and 1oz Massage Oil.

    $21.95 each    

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